Great American Cleanup

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The Keep America Beautiful Great American Cleanup is the nation’s largest community improvement program, which takes place annually in an estimated 15,000 community events nationwide. Greensboro Beautiful joins this effort each year in April. Volunteers give our community a spring cleaning by picking up litter from streets, neighborhoods, waterways -- anywhere that needs cleaning up. Volunteers of all ages from scout troops, community organizations, neighborhoods, faith communities, schools, businesses, and families are invited to participate! (link to info, interactive hot spots map, and signup)


April 15-30, 2023

* Pickup litter cleanup supplies at Gateway Gardens - 2800 E. Gate City Blvd., Greensboro, NC 27401
* For more information, contact Greensboro Beautiful at (336) 574-3574 or

How it works:

  • Select a site to clean up from our online Litter Hot Spots map or suggest a cleanup site of your own.
  • Sign up and let us know when you plan to clean up your selected site.
  • Take pictures before and after your cleanup and post them to Greensboro Beautiful's Facebook or Instagram page. It's a great way to show what a difference we can make!
  • After your cleanup, let us know how many bags were collected, how many people participated, and how long it took to complete your cleanup.
  • Dispose of collected litter with normal trash, or request disposal assistance by emailing specific location of bagged and collected items to Greensboro Beautiful.

The Great American Cleanup is sponsored locally by the Greensboro Regional Realtors Association.

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