Executive Committee

Andrena Coleman, Chair
Tom Suher, Secretary/Treasurer
Randal Romie
James Allred
Christina Larson
Candace Martin
Beverley Gass

Paula Barger, Parks and Recreation Development & Engagement Administrator

Board of Directors

Lee Britt
Donna Maynard
Sue Rogers
John Wagner
Andrena Coleman
Tom Suher
Randal Romie
James Allred
Christina Larson
Candace Martin
Beverley Gass

Nancy Vaughan, Mayor, City of Greensboro
Nasha McCray, Director, Parks & Recreation Department
Ron McMillan, Manager, Park Operations, Parks & Recreation
Julio Delgado, Director, Field Operations Department
Seth Reagan, Landscape Maintenance Supervisor, Field Operations
Sue Schwartz, Director, Planning & Community Development Dept.
Judson Clinton, City Arborist, Planning & Community Development
Beverly Cooper, President, Greensboro Council of Garden Clubs

Advisory Board

Community Organization Representatives
Girl Scouts, Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont: Deborah Flowers
Guilford County Cooperative Extension: Hanna Smith
Hospice & Palliative Care of Greenboro: Sally Cobb
Kathleen Clay Edwards Library: Melanie Buckingham
Rotary Clubs of Greensboro: Dina Coker
UNCG Office of Leadership & Service Learning: Kristina Gage

Business Representatives
Berkshire Hathaway Realtors: Ashley Meredith
Duke Energy: Jason Combs
Next to Nature Landscape Design: Tucker Beeninga
New Garden Landscaping & Nursery: Jessica Story
UPS: Julie Burns
Urban Offsets: Shawn Gagne

At-Large Representatives

Patty Farrar
Keith Francies
Aden Hailemariam
Yvonne Johnson
Claudel Lassiter
Julie Longmire

Kathy Norcott
Mona O'Bryant
Betty Potter
Graham Ray
Leslie Scher
Cilie Sutton

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