February 8-24, 2019

Litter is so much more visible during the winter months; which makes it seem like there is so much more - on exit ramps, at intersections, in ditches, along railroads, around shopping centers, in creeks and streams, all along wooded areas. Winter Wipeout began in 2016 as an opportunity for volunteers to help clean up areas where the litter is much more visible and accessible.


Volunteers and groups participating in this year's Winter Wipeout were challenged by days and weekends of persistent rain. As a result, participation was lower than planned. Many thanks to each of the volunteer groups for their patience, and to those who were able to squeeze in a cleanup!

Cleanup Results

Fourteen volunteer groups consisting of 125 volunteers collected nearly 200 bags of trash littering roadsides, streams, neighborhoods, and vacant lots throughout the city. Take a look at our Winter Wipeout photo album on Facebook.

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Past Winter Wipeout Results

Year # Volunteers # Bags Collected
2016 254 188
2017 159 170
2018 219 366
2019 125 200