February 8-29, 2020

Litter is so much more visible during the winter months; which makes it seem like there is so much more - on exit ramps, at intersections, in ditches, along railroads, around shopping centers, in creeks and streams, all along wooded areas. Winter Wipeout is an opportunity for volunteers to help clean up areas when litter is much more visible and accessible.

Sign up to clean up! Here's how it works:

  • Select a site to clean up from our online Litter Hot Spots map, or suggest a cleanup site of your own.
  • Sign up and let us know when you plan to clean up your selected site. Our goal is to have all sites cleaned up by February 29th.
  • Greensboro Beautiful will provide all cleanup supplies - bags, gloves, grabbers, safety vests and signs.
  • Take pictures before and after your cleanup and post them to Greensboro Beautiful's Facebook or Instagram page. It's a great way to show what a difference we can make!
  • After your cleanup, let us know how many bags were collected, how many people participated, and how long it took to complete your cleanup.
  • Dispose of collected litter with normal trash, or request disposal assistance by emailing specific location of bagged and collected items to Greensboro Beautiful.

For more information, email us at GreensboroBeautiful@gmail.com, or call 336-373-2199.

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The Early College at Guilford Environmental Club
Gate City Ruck Club
Greensboro DRA
Susan Jones
Schnabel Engineering
Timmons Group
John & Ashlee Wagner
Thomas Zigo

Past Winter Wipeout Results

Year # Volunteers # Bags Collected
2016 254 188
2017 159 170
2018 219 366
2019 125 200