Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden

Bicentennial Gardens1105 Hobbs Road


Known for its massive annual plantings and bronze sculpture, this 7.5-acre garden is a popular and relaxing retreat.

A Wedding Gazebo adds an air of elegance, a man-made re-circulating stream provides texture, movement and sound, and a Sensory Garden engages visitors in an interactive landscape experience. A variety of sculpture placed throughout the garden provides artistic and historic interest, and a Paver Plaza, located at the garden's entrance, offers a way to lend your name to the garden.

The garden is open year-round. Admission is free.


May-August 8 am -8 pm
8 am-7 pm
November-February 8 am-5 pm

Reserve your 11"x14" William Mangum print of the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden.

To make a reservation for group events, weddings, or other special events, call 336-373-5888.

  • Colorful plantings, sculpture
  • Functioning sundial embellished by plantings at the garden's entrance
  • Chandler Wedding Gazebo
  • Swing in Camberly's Garden
  • Tanger Family Bridge
  • Oak leaf railing adorns the Tanger steps
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Bicentennial Garden Rock GardenEntranceDavid Caldwell Historic Park Entrance Parking Information Parking Restroom David Caldwell Historic Park Caldwell Log College/Homesite David Caldwell Historic Park David & Rachel Caldwell Interpretive Center Wooded Picnic Area Adelman Picnic Area Old Mill Paver Plaza Entrance "Sundial" Sculpture Woodland Stream Tanger Family Bridge "The Student" Sculpture Fragrance / Azalea / Camellia Garden Nance Memorial Garden Camberly's Garden Wildflower Trail Overlook "Free to Soar" Sculpture Meyers Memorial Garden Wedding Garden Chandler Wedding Gazebo "Wings" Sculpture "On the Fence" Sculpture Sensory Garden Lillian Livingston Daylily Garden Alexander Mangum Memorial Garden Dodson R. Schenck Memorial Garden Petanque Court
P Parking 10 Wildflower Trail
E Entrance 11 Rock Garden
i Information 12 Fragrance/Azalea/Camellia Garden
1 Paver Plaza 13 Nance Memorial Garden
1a "Sundial" Sculpture 14 Camberly's Garden
2 Woodland Stream 15 Alexander Mangum Memorial Garden
3 Sensory Garden 16 Lillian Livingston Daylily Garden
3a "On the Fence" Sculpture 17 Dodson R. Schenck Memorial Garden
4 Wedding Garden 18 Old Mill
4a Chandler Wedding Gazebo 19 David Caldwell Historic Park
5 "Wings" Sculpture 19a David & Rachel Caldwell Interpretive Center
6 Meyers Memorial Garden 19b Caldwell Log College/Homesite
7 Tanger Family Bridge 20 Adelman Picnic Area
8 "The Student" Sculpture 21 Wooded Picnic Area
9 Overlook 22 Petanque Court
9a "Free to Soar" Sculpture Restroom

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Garden Areas


Wedding Gazebo

The Wedding Garden & Chandler Wedding Gazebo hosts numerous weddings throughout the year, and is accented by a white garden. For information about weddings at Bicentennial Garden, click here.

Woodland Stream

The Woodland Stream is a man-made re-circulating stream which provides texture, movement and sound.

Camberly's Garden

Camberly's Garden was inspired by the memory of Camberly Holliday, the daughter of former Greensboro Mayor, Keith Holliday and Cindy Holliday, and honors the memory of children who have left us too soon.

Paver Plaza

Paver Plaza, located at the garden's entrance, offers a way to lend your name to the garden.

Buy a Paver

The Rock Garden, designed by volunteer, Jeannette Windham.

Constructed in 2017, the Old Mill is reminiscent of a mill that David Caldwell operated on this site in the 1780's. It has a free-standing water wheel that works in conjunction with a re-circulating stream.

The Lilllian Livingston Daylily Garden boasts hundreds of varieties of daylilies. Click here for a map with names and descriptions of all daylilies planted here.

The Alexander Mangum Memorial Garden features two benches, three sets of wind chimes, and a stone floor, bordered by large boulders and plantings. This special garden area was completed in April 2020.


A variety of sculpture placed throughout the garden provides artistic and historic interest:

The Student Sculpture

The Student - Janos Farkas, sculptor

Music Stand and Bench Sculpture

Music Stand & Bench - Jim Gallucci, sculptor

On the Fence

On the Fence - Michiel VanderSommen, sculptor

Wings Sculpture

Wings - Gary Price, sculptor

Free to Soar Sculpture

Free To Soar - Michiel VanderSommen, sculptor

Sundial - Ogden Deal, sculptor

Oak Leaf Handrail

Oak Leaf Handrail - Jim Gallucci, sculptor



David Caldwell Historic Park

Caldwell Interpretive CenterDavid Caldwell Historic Park is located adjacent to the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden.

Paved walkways link the Park to the Garden.

Learn more about this historic city property.

In 1976, as part of the nation's Bicentennial celebration, Greensboro Beautiful began a project to develop a 7 1/2 acre tract of flood plain, owned by the City of Greensboro, into a public garden. Much of the property was roadbed fill dirt, and was covered with undergrowth. By October that year, it had been cleared, graded, an irrigation system installed, numerous trees, shrubs and flower beds planted, with paved walking paths installed, and it was dedicated as Bicentennial Garden. Over the next 4 years, the garden was expanded and several specialized areas were developed. Additional paths were added, as well as benches and sculpture.

The Student SculptureFor many years, the focal point of the garden was a life-size bronze sculpture entitled "The Student", which was symbolic of a typical male student who would have attended the David Caldwell Log College on the adjacent property during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The Reverend Dr. David Caldwell (1725-1824) was a Presbyterian minister, a self-trained physician, and an early educator in colonial North Carolina. At this site in 1767, he was the founder of the Log College which educated many prominent men of the day. Bicentennial Garden is part of the portion of land on which the academy, its campus, and his home once stood.

In 1995, Greensboro Beautiful commissioned a conceptual Master Plan to guide future garden enhancements. The Master Plan outlined a number of phases of development, including expanded Visitor Parking & Public Restrooms, a new Main Entrance, a Wedding Garden, a Sensory Garden and Woodland Water Feature, Stream Restoration, stone walls and raised beds, additional sculpture, an improved crosswalk on Hobbs Road and entrance to the adjacent Bog Garden, colorful plantings in the Holden Road median to draw attention to the garden, a possible Old Mill Site and development within the adjacent David Caldwell Historic Park. Greensboro Beautiful celebrated the completion of these enhancements in 1999.

Caldwell Interpretive CenterIn 2000, Greensboro Beautiful received a bequest for further enhancement of David Caldwell Historic Park, and for historical research, additional archaeological survey work, and for the construction of an interpretive center on the property. The Interpretive Center at David Caldwell Historic Park was dedicated on April 20, 2007, and educates visitors about David and Rachel Caldwell, the academy, David Caldwell's contributions to our state and region.


Stanley and Doris Tanger Bicentennial Park, Greensboro NCIn 2006, Stanley & Doris Tanger made a significant financial commitment for ongoing support of Greensboro's public gardens, and the Greensboro Parks & Recreation Commission approved the re-naming of Bicentennial Garden to the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden.

For more about this rich history, important Greensboro and North Carolina heritage, and ongoing research efforts, click here.

Sunday, June 6, 2021
12-5 pm
Tanger Family Bicetennial Garden
1105 Hobbs Road

Sidewalk artists, musicians, children’s activities, family games, a Poodle Parade, and a sidewalk café are featured – all within the colorful backdrop of the garden in bloom. Beer and wine will be available. Admission is free.


With respect to precautions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be necessary for Greensboro Beautiful to revise either the event date or how the event is coordinated and presented to the community.



For information about weddings at Bicentennial Garden, click here.