NeighborWoods Volunteer Waiver

In consideration for the opportunity to volunteer with Greensboro Beautiful and the City of Greensboro, I acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • My work with Greensboro Beautiful and the City of Greensboro is strictly voluntary and I understand I will receive no compensation or employment benefits of any kind for this work. I also understand that I may be relieved of my duties as a volunteer at the sole discretion of Greensboro Beautiful or the City of Greensboro.
  • My duties will be assigned to me by a member of Greensboro Beautiful or City staff. I will not engage in any duties for which I have not been assigned.
  • In addition to the above policies, I will not engage in any criminal activities while performing my volunteer services with Greensboro Beautiful and/or the City of Greensboro.
  • I understand that I am not covered by the City of Greensboro Workers' Compensation insurance policy and acknowledge that I am not entitled to such coverage under the laws of the State of North Carolina because I am a volunteer.
  • I am at least eighteen years of age, or if not, I have secured the signature of my parent or guardian (see below if applicable).

(Please note that since many Covid guidelines and restrictions have been relaxed or cancelled, we will note require volunteers to wear masks. Masks will be optional. Additionally, if you are or have been experiencing symptoms of illness at the time of the event, including Covid-19, we respectfully ask that you not attend. We will miss you but appreciate your understanding!)

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