Art in the Arboretum Sponsorship Opportunities

2018 Sponsorship Areas

Event Sponsor: TBD
Sponsorship Amount: $15,000

Stage 1 Sponsor: TBD
Sponsorship Amount: $3,500

Features musical performances from a variety of bands and musical genres.

Stage 2 Sponsor: TBD
Sponsorship Amount $2,500

Features acoustical performances, student ensembles, storytelling, etc.

Stage 3 Sponsor: TBD
Sponsorship Amount $3,000

Features performances with an international flavor.

Media Sponsor: 88.5 WFDD Public Radio for the Piedmont (Radio)
WFDD provides in-kind event promotions via their specific media.

Artists' Awards Sponsor: TBD
Sponsorship Amount: $1,000

Cash awards are presented to top 3 artists judged Best in Show.

Children's Art Activity Sponsor: TBD
Sponsorship Amount: $1,000

Featuring a pop-up garden art activity in which children can participate throughout the afternoon.

Art Bark Sponsor: TBD
Sponsorship Amount: $1,000

Volunteers assist dogs in creating painted art pieces that owners can take home.

Monarch Butterfly Activity Exhibit Sponsor
Sponsorship Amount: $500

An educational activity and exhibit, provided by All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm, to teach about the lifecycle and protection of Monarch butterflies.

Garden Quest Sponsor: TBD
Sponsorship Amount: $500

A scavenger hunt-type activity which teaches about garden features and Greensboro Beautiful and what it does. All participants receive gardening gloves.

Sponsorship Benefits

Event Sponsor

Stage 1 Sponsor

Stage 2 Sponsor

Stage 3 Sponsor

Media Sponsor

Artists' Awards

Children's Art Activity

Art Bark

Monarch Butterfly Activity

Garden Quest

Space for sponsor tent at the event                    
Name on event banner                    
Name on stage banner                    
Name on activity signage                    
Name on activity sheets                    
Name on event map (printed and online)                    
Name on artist applications                    
Name on all printed promotional materials                    
Listing in Greensboro Beautiful newsletter                    
Name included on Greensboro Beautiful website with link to preferred online presence                    
Mentions from the stage(s) throughout the afternoon