Saturday, November 2, 2019
Kings Forest Park & Neighborhood
Time 10:00 am

This program provides residents an opportunity to plant trees on City-owned property; public areas; streets; and front lawns in areas of their neighborhood where:

  • trees have been damaged or lost to storms or disease;
  • canopy cover is needed. Canopy tree replacement will be accomplished by utilizing open space and park land to replant larger trees to maintain canopy integrity;
  • trees have been removed as part of ongoing vegetation management work associated with
    overhead utilities;
  • neighborhoods are active and organized, with a commitment to participate in the planting and longterm maintenance of the trees, consistently watering for the first three years.

The NeighborWoods Program is a partnership between Greensboro Beautiful, the City of Greensboro, the NC Cooperative Extension Service, affected property owners, and neighborhoods. Trees for the NeighborWoods Program are funded by tax-deductible donations to Greensboro Beautiful's Tree Fund.