2017 NeighborWoods Community Tree Planting

Saturday, November 4, 2017
10 am, Sunset Hills Neighborhood

The Sunset Hills Neighborhood was selected for the 2017 NeighborWoods Community Tree Planting. The program kicked off on March 18 with an Arbor Day commemorative tree planting in the neighborhood park. Over the next several months, neighborhood residents, city staff, and Greensboro Beautiful volunteers will work together to gather input from residents, develop a planting plan, and prepare for planting day.

This program is made possible by private donations to Greensboro Beautiful's Tree Fund.


Tree Request Information for Residents of Sunset Hills

  • All tree requests must be made online.
  • Link to online tree request form will be available to neighborhood residents on April 1st.
  • Deadline to request trees is August 1st (no exceptions)
  • A maximum of 2 trees per household may be requested.
  • All trees requested by residents will be planted in front yards only.
  • Trees requested must be suitable for planting areas and must not interfere with utility lines.
  • All tree selections will be reviewed and approved by the City Arborist



White Oak Nutall Oak Maple Black Gum



Serviceberry Kousa Dogwood "Appalachian" Redbud

Quick Links

Residents of Sunset Hills Neighborhood...

Click here to make your tree selection for this Fall's planting.