Memorial and Honor Gift Tree Program

Keeping the "green" in Greensboro

When you live in a community with "green" in its name, you would expect that making and keeping visually appealing surroundings is a priority. In our community, Greensboro Beautiful has long embraced that mission. By partnering with the City of Greensboro, we provide opportunities for citizens to play an active role in making and keeping the "green" in Greensboro. One way in which we do this is through our Memorial and Honor Tree Program. This program offers a unique way to pay tribute and show appreciation to the special people in your life, and to celebrate life’s special moments with the lasting gift of a tree. The program enables Greensboro Beautiful to plant trees where needed in neighborhood parks, along city streets, and in other public areas throughout our city.

How It Works

Purchase a gift tree as a memorial or as an honorarium.* You may select a canopy tree or an understory tree from the options provided below, the desired planting location, or simply indicate "type needed, where needed". Tell us who to notify and we’ll send them a special note telling them about the gift tree, and list the donor’s name and address. If the gift is to celebrate a particular occasion; i.e., wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, holiday, saying “thank you”, etc., let us know and we’ll include it in the special note.
Notifications are mailed immediately. However, trees are planted in January, February, and March only. Gifts must be received before December 1st for trees to be planted during these months. Gifts received after this date will be held and used to plant trees the following year. Once the tree has been planted, we’ll let both you and the recipient know the type, planting date and location.

A Living and Lasting Gift

Invest in the appearance of your community while remembering someone special, showing your appreciation, or celebrating a special occasion. Contributions for gift trees are tax-deductible, and you may make your gift securely online. For more information on the Memorial & Honor Tree Program, call 373-2199.

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*General memorial and honor gift contributions in any amount may also be made, and will go toward Greensboro Beautiful’s Tree Fund to plant trees where needed throughout the community. Special notes will be sent for these gifts as well.

Tree Types Available (Cost: $100 each*)

Flowering & Understory Trees

Canopy Trees

Native Dogwood
Kousa Dogwood
Yoshino Cherry
Sweetbay Magnolia
Crape Myrtle
Red Maple
Sugar Maple
Willow Oak
White Oak
Nuttall Oak
Deodora Cedar
River Birch
Lacebark Elm