Med Toss

SMARxT Disposal

Each year, Greensboro Beautiful assists local agencies in promoting safe medicine disposal. We encourage citizens to toss unused medicine safely to avoid harm to our lakes and streams, people, pets, and wildlife.

Greensboro Police Department Provides Permanent Collection Sites!

The Greensboro Police Department now offers two locations for the public to dispose of unused medication year-round. Prescription and over-the-counter pills, patches, ointments, and capsules can be deposited in secure collection boxes at two police stations: 300 South Swing Road, and 1106 Maple Street. The boxes are accessible Monday through Friday 8 am–5 pm.

Disposal Guidelines

  • Pills, patches, ointments, and capsules should be placed in sealed plastic bottles or bags.
  • Labels and any personal information should be removed from prescription medication containers.
  • Items not accepted include liquids, medical bio hazards, sharps, and illegal drugs.

Protect people, pets, the environment, and wildlife by tossing your meds safely every day of the year. Learn more about environmentally responsible medicine disposal at the national My Old Meds website.